Suffer From Hard Stools?: Three Industrial Supplies That Help Your Super-Solid Waste Through Septic Tank Systems

People who have especially hard stools and find it difficult to have a bowel movement regularly are also in danger of blocking up their septic tank systems. Septic tanks rely on the natural degradation of feces and the neutralization of ammonia in urine. In the event that your feces are so hard and compact, they may not make it into the septic tank outside, or worse still, they can block the lines between your house and the tank, or the tank and the leach field. Three industrial supply items can help correct and prevent hard stools from causing septic tank issues.

Industrial-Strength Enzymes and Microbes

You can purchase gallons of industrial-strength enzymes and microbes which break down feces in your septic tank. Some of these enzymes and microbes can be flushed right down your toilet drain to aid the speedy movement into the tank(s). Even if your stools are hard, large and/or occasionally get stuck in the plumbing en route to the septic tank, the industrial strength enzymes and microbes you have added to your wastewater will loosen the feces up, break them down and hasten them into the septic tank.

Tank Mixers and Agitators

Other possible pieces of industrial equipment and supplies that can treat your particular problem are tank mixers and agitators. If you are able to open the top access port of your septic tank, you can insert an industrial tank mixer or agitator. When either of these items is turned on, it grinds up hard human waste and makes it easier for the tank additives to "digest." Then the waste passes along or settles at the bottom of the tank for further "digestion" without any more issues or problems in your septic system. (It is also possible to install a tank mixer or agitator in your septic system, and then flip on the agitator or mixer on a regular basis as a preventive measure for clogs.)

Power Augers

Power augers, or augers that have extremely long coils and run on electricity and air pressure, can power down the pipes to your septic system. While tank mixers and agitators can handle hard stools in the tanks themselves, the power auger grinds through feces that is trapped in your sewer lines from the house to the septic tank. When used in conjunction with industrial-strength enzymes and microbes, you can remove these blockages from your septic lines and plumbing all by yourself. However, if you don't feel comfortable dealing with your own plumbing or septic system, contact a professional such as Southern Sanitary Systems Inc.