Three Pieces Of Industrial Equipment That Produce Excellent Results For Your Auto Body Repair Shop

Some industrial equipment and supplies work well in an auto body shop. Additionally, buying industrial-grade items for your shop provides you with the opportunity to turn out higher quality services than your competition. If you do not have the following pieces of equipment and are unfamiliar with what they can do for your business, you might want to take a second look. They are a little more expensive than the equipment and methods you may be used to, but they can give you an edge over other auto repair shops and body shops.

Full-Sized Paint Booths

Remove the worry about exposing the environment to the spray paint you use to repaint cars with the use of an industrial, garage-sized paint booth. These booths come in various sizes, but the best ones are equipped with all of your painting equipment, spray arms and automation. Although bulky and pricey, these booths are completely sealable so that nothing hazardous escapes the booth during a painting job. Additionally, having a booth like this allows you to finish painting several cars in a week instead of just a handful.

Industrial-Sized and Industrial Strength Air Compressors

Perfect for detail work and inflating tires quickly, industrial-sized and industrial strength air compressors may take up a lot more room, but then you can also connect several pneumatic tools to the compressors too. If you have at least one employee or partner who helps you in your shop, then he or she can operate one or two tools off of the same air compressor you are using to add paint flames or other details to the side of someone's car. Unless connections or holes develop, you will have consistent air pressure for every task you need to do and every tool in your shop that utilizes compressed air.


Instead of putting your customers' cars up on floor blocks, you can put the cars up on frameracks. The really nice models allow you to elevate and tilt the car so that you can reach underneath the vehicle safely and conduct repairs without worrying about the vehicle slipping off of the blocks or dropping when your jack fails. The frameracks keep the vehicle positioned perfectly for repairs at all times. If you have some extra cash, you may even want to invest in a framerack that has several support towers that rotate electrically around the exterior edge of the frame itself.

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