3 Items You Need To Rent When Building An Addition

Many individuals make the decision to add on to their current home for various reasons. Whether it be that your family is growing or you simply want an office space, an addition is a great way to go. However, it takes a lot of time and hard work to make sure your new addition goes as planned and there aren't any bumps along the way. To make sure you have the essential items on hand, here are three items that many often rent to help facilitate the process.


Backhoes are ideal for digging up the area to help pave the way for your foundation. Without a backhoe, you would be stuck trying to dig everything up with nothing more than a shovel. Not only will a backhoe save you a tremendous amount of time, but it is also going to eliminate stress and strain from trying to spend days getting the ground prepped for your addition.

Cement Mixer

You will need a solid foundation for your addition. Regardless of whether you are building a basement underneath or you simply want to build on to your ranch home, you are going to need cement to build a solid foundation. No one wants to sit there mixing all of that cement by hand. With a cement mixer on hand, that isn't going to be a problem. It can handle an abundance of cement to help provide you with cement in mere minutes. You can find concrete mixers to rent locally of varying sizes.


Any building or remodeling project is going to end up with a bunch of trash that needs to be thrown away. Instead of cluttering your yard with a bunch of debris, you can toss it all inside of a large dumpster. This ensures your building site is always clean and the risk of someone getting injured because of items laying around is minimized. Dumpsters come in an assortment of different sizes to best accommodate your needs. Make sure to ask about whether there are any restrictions on what can be thrown into the dumpster.

By having these three rentals lined up, you can ensure a clean and efficient building process. With so many different items available for rent, there is no reason why you cannot find what you need and get the process underway. If you are ever unsure of what items you need, you can always talk with a rental professional who can help you along the way.