3 Ingenious Uses for Aluminum Sheet Metal in the Garage

Whether you have a few aluminum metal sheets hanging around after a project or you pick up a few at the metal fabrication shop, you hold in your hands some of the most versatile metal material a crafty person could ever ask for. Before you stuff those handy sheets of metal in a corner for later use, there are a few ingenious ideas for aluminum sheets in the garage that you should take a few minutes to ponder. 

Create a work surface that is easier than ever to keep clean. 

That wooden workbench you have propped up in your garage probably sees a lot of action if you consider yourself a handy do-it-yourselfer. The only problem is, wood never takes too kindly to grease and grime and will likely start to look pretty grungy after a while. You could always paint the wooden work surface, but covering the workbench with a sheet of aluminum is a much better idea. Aluminum is easy to clean no matter what the dirt or grime it's exposed to is composed of because of its slick surface. Plus, aluminum is corrosion resistant, so even working with corrosive materials on the surface will not be a concern. 

Deflect heat and keep the garage a warmer space. 

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you don't really have heating or cooling in your garage, but what you probably use in cold weather is a space heater to keep the area comfortable enough for you while inside. You can actually use a simple sheet of aluminum to help keep your garage warmer if you are using a space heater. People who use a wood stove in their home actually use this idea all the time. Simply slip the sheet of metal behind the space heater and it will deflect heat outward into the room. 

Attach the sheet of metal to a pair of skateboards for a makeshift floor creeper.

If you have a thick piece of aluminum sheeting and a couple of old skateboards hanging around the garage, you can pull together a makeshift floor creeper that will be incredibly useful if you are working on something from underneath. Aluminum sheets that are thick, highly durable, and incredibly strong, so one will easily support you. Plus, the material is lightweight enough to be maneuverable without a lot of effort. Simply attach the metal to the skateboards with permanent hardcore glue that is made with epoxy-resin material and use a good metal crimper to bend any sharp edges over to prevent bumping against them while you work. 

For more ways you can use aluminum sheets or to find some, contact a representative from a company like Garelick Steel.