What Features To Look For When Purchasing A Generator For Home Use

When it comes to choosing a generator, from a place like alliedgenerators.com, sure, wattage requirements, cost and portability are all important factors. However, these considerations are just the start. The type of features the unit is equipped with are even more important as they will help determine just how easy it is to use the unit, so it's important to take your time when choosing these options.


Don't assume that simply because the unit is portable, it comes with wheels. There are a number of portable generators that actually include wheels as an optional feature. If you purchase a portable generator that weighs a couple of hundred pounds, without wheels it will be quite a challenge to move the unit around. Make sure you are investigating whether or not wheels are included or if this is something you need to pay extra for.

Automatic Start

When your home loses power, getting the generator started as quickly as possible is key. If you have an automatic starting unit, the generator will kick in as soon as a loss of power is detected. Without this feature, you have to manually turn the unit on. More importantly, should you be away from home when the power goes out, power won't be restored until you return. When it comes to appliances like your deep freezer or refrigerator, this can be problematic.

Low-Oil Detector

The motor inside the generator needs oil to function properly. Low oil levels cause the motor to run harder and overheat, potentially leading to motor failure. Some units have low-oil detectors that automatically power off the unit when the oil drops below a certain level. Units without this feature will continue to operate even if oil levels are low, requiring the owner to keep a constant eye on the oil levels. It's best to choose a unit that comes equipped with this feature.

Fuel Converter Kit

Generators can generally operate on either a natural gas line, fuel or propane. While not a requirement, it's helpful to look for a unit that can operate on more than one type of fuel source. Units that are equipped with this feature will come along with a converter kit. Having this type of feature is helpful should you need to move the generator to another area where the original fuel type might not be readily available.

When it comes to functionality and ease of use, the features the generator is equipped with are important. Make sure you are taking your time to choose wisely.