Ready To Go Muddin' With Your Crew? Check Out These Tips For Customizing Lifted Trucks

Customizing a lifted truck for getting in the mud can be a lot of fun and can also be challenging if you have never built one before. If you are ready to join your friends on the mud trails, you will need to make sure your truck is ready for it. While you may have a lift kit on your truck, adding a few accessories can help when you get stuck or need to help someone else that gets into a deep mud hole. Follow these tips for making sure you and your truck are ready to ride high and tight.

Lifted Trucks Require Customized Hitches

When you had your truck lifted, you may have had a hitch customized for it at the same time. However, if you do not have a hitch on it, you will not be able to tow your ATV or the smoker grill for cooking out after a great day of muddin'. If you are ready to have a hitch put on your lifted truck, you will need to have a drop hitch put on. A drop hitch is what it sounds like: a hitch that drops down to the location a hitch would have been if your truck wasn't lifted. In this way, you will have an even and balanced towing capability. Bear in mind you will still need to figure the right towing capacity when having a customized drop hitch put on. The length of drop necessary for your truck's lift is an important consideration as well. If you are unsure about the proper towing capacity rating and drop lengths for your truck, the professionals customizing and installing your drop hitch can help. Also, if you worry about being able to hang nuts on a drop style hitch, you should know they will work on a drop hitch in the same way as they would on a factory hitch.

Stacks Have A Real Purpose

Many four-wheel drive truck enthusiasts add large smoke stacks in the bed of their trucks for displaying the huge clouds of black smoke they can produce, especially for diesel trucks. However, smoke stacks have a real purpose because they can help to increase your truck's performance, an especially great benefit if you plan to tow a trailer. When you are out in the mud and need to climb a steep hill, smoke stacks can provide the extra boost you need for climbing it fast and easy. If you thought stacks were added just because they look cool, you should know they do work well for increased engine and towing performance. Nonetheless, stacks do look good in the back of a lifted truck, especially when they are spouting black clouds of smoke, giving your truck the appearance of being larger and meaner.

Customizing your truck for the mud means you adding a wench to front end as well, a necessary tool for when you or someone in your crew gets into deep mud. Taking your time to learn more about functional customization for your four-wheel drive truck can help you have a lot more fun when you hit the trails and fields for muddin'.