Three Reasons Stucco Is Preferable For Door And Window Trim

You might be learning a lot as you work with your home contractor. When it comes time to select material for the trimming that will used along the windows and around the exterior doors, your contractor may recommend stucco. You might think this is an aesthetic choice based on preference, but stucco could be preferable for other reasons, like these.

1-Faster Installation

If you've already gone past your estimated complete date, you may be reluctant of too many more labor days or too much more work. Wood trim might look nice, but it will have to be carefully cut, treated, hammered and sanded into position before its ready. The siding itself may need to be cut in order to accommodate the trim. The entire process could take several days.

Stucco, however, can be cut and simply pressed on with the help of special adhesives. The trim can be applied in a single afternoon by a few workers. This can hasten the end of your house project and allow you to move in that much sooner.

2-Easier Care

Even if you adore wood and the way wood trim looks, you may already know it's tough to maintain at times. Rotting, pest infestations, warping and other costly problems will need attention. If you've applied concrete trim in some areas, cracking can happen. Stucco, in contrast, requires very little thought or care while you're living in the house. You may need to periodically wipe it down with a soapy solution and and a sponge, but other than that it will look great and retain its shape. Your savings account or home budget can be instead used for other house-related expenses.

3-Easier Decorating and Customization

The speed at which stucco trim can be applied enables your contractor to more easily incorporate the trim into the overall theme of the house. Therefore, if the house is going to be painted, the trim paint will complement or match exactly; painters won't need to come back out just to paint installed trim and won't have to worry about ensuring color matches. Not only that, but stucco is easily cut and detailed. If you're interested in a particular scalloped style or want to add stars, flowers, hearts or similar simple touches, the work is easy.

Stucco trim can save money and time and look more unique and beautiful than trim made from other materials. Ask your contractor more about how stucco could be great for your new built house.