2 Environment Conditions To Consider When Choosing Circuit Breakers For Your Factory

Whether you are installing or replacing your factory's electrical system, one of the decisions that you will most likely face is the type of circuit breakers the electrical box will utilize. The circuits will most likely be subjected to different types of environmental conditions not otherwise found in either residential or office buildings. Before you choose which circuit breakers your factory will use, consider the conditions discussed below.

1.  Amount of Moisture Exposure to the Breakers

One environmental condition that you will need to consider before selecting your factory's circuit breakers is the amount of moisture to which they will be exposed. Ideally, the breakers and the electrical box should be contained in a dry area with little to no humidity.

However, if dry conditions are not possible because of where you are located or your machines utilize steam, the breakers could corrode or even develop mold within the wiring. To help combat these issues, the breakers that you choose should come treated with a moisture-resistant treatment.

This will help to reduce the possibility of mold development while protecting the circuits from moisture that could cause them to rust. However, you may still need to use other means of protection, such as individual heating units in the space where the breakers will be kept. The company from which you order the circuit breakers can give you specific ideas on further counter-measures. 

2.  Possibility of Mechanical Shock Affecting the Circuits

Another thing that you will have to consider when selecting breakers is the possibility of mechanical shock from the machines your factory uses. If there is a high probability of shock, this could cause regular circuits to fry relatively easily or short circuit.

If you know that your machines generate a lot of static electricity, you will want to choose breakers that have an anti-shock device attached to them. This device will help absorb the excess static so that the circuits will be protected. You may also need to have an anti-magnetic strip installed if the shocks come from large magnetic machinery.

Before you make a choice, you need to make sure that you take the environmental conditions in your factory into consideration. Once you have taken note of the overall moisture and shock probability, contact an industrial equipment and supply company for assistance in selecting circuit breakers for your factory that will best serve its needs while being able to withstand the environment in which they will be placed.