Tips When Using Industrial S-Hooks For Hanging Purposes

If there are heavy materials that need to be hung around a work site, then you need some type of industrial fastener that can hold up to this force for a long time. You can get this quality in industrial S-hooks, which you'll be able to use properly if you take these steps.

Review Maximum Weight Limit

Industrial S-hooks are extremely durable because of the unique properties they have, but even still, there are weight limits that you need to remember. This is a good way to ensure your industrial S-hooks do their job and continue doing it over the years.

The maximum weight limit will be identified by the manufacturer that made the industrial S-hooks. Look over this figure carefully and consider the mechanisms you're trying to hang with these hooks. You can then easily prevent the hooks from damaging and breaking completely. 

Ensure the Hook Is Secure Before Supporting Weight 

S-hooks have a unique S design and that helps you easily secure them around different things, whether it's a bracket or around some utility shelves. Before you try supporting weight with the industrial S-hooks that you've purchased, though, make sure they are properly secure.

The mechanism that they're gripping needs to be just as durable as the s-hook because otherwise, the structure holding all of the weight is just going to collapse onto itself. That's why you want to be very careful with where you decide to set S-hooks up. Proper placement is paramount in getting the right fastening results long-term.

Find Materials That Won't Corrode

Corrosion is one of the more pressing problems you need to think about when choosing S-hooks. This is particularly true if your work environment isn't isolated from different weather elements. If you get the appropriate materials for S-hooks that won't corrode, you won't ever have to worry about extensive structural damage.

A lot of stainless steel S-hooks have corrosion resistance, but there are other materials like aluminum and alloys combined with steel. Just find a material that you feel confident in keeping corrosion at bay when S-hooks are used to support heavy materials around your work site.

You'll find a lot of industrial fastener types today. When it comes to hanging heavy things, industrial S-hooks are hard to beat. They're easier to use and often come with a lot of durable properties. They won't give you trouble either if you use them according to the right protocols. Go online to websites like to see what types of industrial fasteners are available.