Advice For Replacing An Old Residential Circuit Breaker

Thanks to circuit breakers, electrical equipment will remain protected from events like short-circuits. They do have a lifespan of a couple of decades and if you've reached this point with your circuit breaker, installing a new one is important. You'll succeed if you observe the following rules.

Respond Quickly if Breaker Shows Certain Signs

The timeline that you need to carry out this circuit breaker replacement will depend on the signs that this electrical component is showing. Some are more pressing than others. For instance, if your circuit breaker constantly trips or gets hot on a frequent basis, that's generally a sign that you need to carry out this replacement as quickly as possible.

Not only will that protect electrical systems, but it's going to keep your home protected from fire hazards. Whereas if your circuit breaker is old but still performing okay, you may have more time to plan out this replacement.

Find a Circuit Breaker That Supports Home's Electrical Needs

There are a number of circuit breaker types that are available to residential properties. You need to take into account your home's electrical needs when choosing a model in particular. How many electrical devices do you power every day? That will bring you to an electrical output quantity that needs to be respected when making a circuit breaker selection.

If you're not sure how to calculate these things, hire an electrician. They'll review electrical output and then show you which breakers will support it optimally. It could be an AFCI circuit breaker or just a standard model. 

Have Electricians Continue to Test New Circuit Breaker

Even after you replace an old circuit breaker with a new one in your home, it's good to continue to test it out. You need to verify you made the proper selection and everything is performing great from a safety standpoint. Electricians should be hired to carry out this routine testing.

They'll make sure the initial setup was a success and verify all electrical systems are being properly supported. Issues spotted during these inspections can be addressed as to keep your home protected from electrical overloads.

You always want to have a well-functioning circuit breaker equipped in your home because it's going to help you properly manage electrical systems. If you have to replace the current circuit breaker to get optimal and reliable performance, look at relevant factors that will affect electrical safety and efficiency moving forward.