Maintenance Tips For Commercial Espresso Machines

If your restaurant has a commercial espresso machine, it allows you to make great-tasting espresso in a convenient manner. You can maintain these capabilities if you put in the time to care for said system, which won't be hard if you utilize this maintenance guide. 

Wipe Down Dirty Surfaces Often

After using a commercial espresso machine, there are going to be parts that get dirty from things like coffee grinds or milk products you use in the espresso. You don't want these things remaining because they'll ultimately break down various parts of your commercial espresso machine.

It's best to be proactive with cleaning these parts often. You can simply wipe them down each time the espresso machine is used by one of your restaurant's staff members. Regular wipe-downs with clean rags also will save you from having to perform deep cleaning as often.

Wash Drip Dray in a Commercial Washing Machine

Every commercial espresso machine will have a drip tray, which is intended to collect any extra espresso that drips down from the machine. It's naturally going to get dirty, but you'll have no issues keeping it clean if you just put it in a commercial dishwasher.

This is the best way to get a thorough clean without having to expend a lot of energy. You can do this on a regular basis and thus help the drip tray hold up a lot longer than it would if you left this component in a dirty state on a consistent basis.

Have Major Components Inspected Professionally

There are a lot of key components on a commercial espresso machine, including the portafilter, hot water tap, pressure gauge, steam wand, and bean hopper. It's a good idea to have each one of these parts professionally inspected. Then you can effectively document their condition and intervene if there are red flags from a structural or performance standpoint.

As long as you hire an experienced commercial espresso machine inspector, you can trust these inspections will be thorough and provide helpful information on the status of these major parts. This is key in repairing and replacing components at the right intervals before major complications show up.

If you're looking to keep your restaurant's commercial espresso machine working great for many years to come, you have to put in the work with maintenance. Even simple actions like cleaning parts and having them inspected can keep you from experiencing complications on a regular basis.