Keys To Buying A Great Plunger From A Plumbing Supply Store

One of the most important plumbing-related tools you could invest in for your home is a plunger. It's simple but very effective at dealing with toilet clogs. If you need to buy a new one from a plumbing supply store, take these steps.

Make Sure a Tight Seal Can be Created Consistently

An important performance aspect of a residential plunger is its ability to create a tight seal. When it can consistently, you'll find it easier to generate the pressure that's required to alleviate clogs in your toilet. Seal tightness will vary from plunger to plunger.

You just need to review the shapes and sizes of different plungers that you can find at a plumbing supply store. You might also want to measure your toilet's drain so that you can make sure you select a plunger that's the right size and thus creates a tight seal that you can depend on.

Verify Handle is Comfortable to Grasp Onto

The handle is the portion of the plunger that you'll hold onto when you move it back and forth over the toilet, trying to get a clog to go down. Ideally, you want this handle to be as comfortable as possible because you may have to use this tool for more than a couple of minutes.

If you go to a plumbing supply store in person, it will be easy for you to test out different handle styles and materials. You can then see what you like the most and subsequently feel even better about the plunger you come home with.

Talk to a Plumber 

If you want to make sure your plunger selection from a plumbing supply store is relevant and has the best chance of helping you alleviate a clog, then you should talk about this selection with a plumber. They use plungers all the time, so they're the best expert you could get advice from on this matter.

They can suggest a plunger style and materials that give you the best value. They can also suggest plungers that are best suited for the type of clog you're dealing with.

If you need to get a new plunger for your home because one of the toilets has clogged up, make sure you weigh the available options carefully when you shop at a plumbing supply store. In-depth research will ensure you come away with a plunger that performs great and lasts over the years. 

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