Platform Trucks — Key Features To Seek Out For Material Handling Operations

Thanks to material handling equipment, it's a lot easier to transport heavy materials from one spot to another. If your company is in the market for a platform truck, read on to learn about the features you should seek out.

Rolling Casters

Movement is one of the most important performance attributes for a platform truck and is predicated on the wheels. You can access endless wheel designs, but consider rolling casters for a quality platform truck investment. 

Not only can they move in any direction, but they're also known for smooth movement. Subsequently, transporting the cart with heavy materials won't be difficult at all. 

Many rolling casters are also made from durable steel to save you from frequent complications and costly repairs. Steel casters will take the abuse that they're exposed to. 

Durable Steel 

If you want your platform truck to hold up for a long time, it needs a durable metal. You won't find much better than steel, which can resist a lot of different activities and conditions outside.

A good rule of thumb is that the thicker the steel, the more durable the platform truck will be. You can even find steel with coats for added protection. 

Comfortable Handle

The handle is the part you'll grab onto when using a platform truck. If you plan to use one of these platform trucks for hours, ensure the handle is comfortable. Look for handles that have an ergonomic design and potentially soft materials like rubber. 

As long as you go all out on a comfortable handle for a platform truck, you won't get as fatigued and will have more control over the platform as you move it around a worksite. 

Ample Load Capacity 

So that you can continue getting optimal use out of a platform truck for material handling operations, try to find a model with ample load capacity. It should support a lot of weight and still perform just fine.

Load capacities can vary from platform to platform, so take as long as you need to figure out the appropriate range. Thinking about the products or materials you plan to move can help you understand the amount of weight your platform must support.

Platform trucks are amazing tools that you can use to transport all sorts of materials. Think about how your trucks should be designed and work so that you have no regrets about your selection for material handling operations.  

For more information about material handling, contact a local company.